When And How to Charge Your Electric e-scooter


If you are new to riding an electric scooter in the UK, there is a high chance that a litany of things is still out of your mental grasp. One of the chief factors that new riders find hard to wrap their head around is battery charging.

Fortunately, we have brought this blog to make you understand when you should charge your electronic e-scooter in the UK and anywhere else in the world. Here we would also go into the depths of ways you can extend the battery life and enhance your riding experience. 

So follow these simple rules, keep your battery in excellent condition and make yourself enjoy it for a long time.

How can you charge your electric e-scooter

Since there is an ever-increasing development in electronic gadgets, getting a powerful battery electric scooter and charging has never been easier. All you are required to do is plug in the charger and connect it to the e-scooter. 

If you are unable to find the charging port in your e-scooter, refrain from panic, and look under the rubber cover on the surface of your e-scooter. That is because charging ports are concealed beneath the rubber pad that covers it away from water, dust, and other impurities.

Ideally, e-scooters get charged within a couple of hours. That said, the charging speed of an e-scooter can significantly vary from one e-scooter model to another. If your electric e-scooter is composed of high battery autonomy, it would likely take more time, i.e. 4 hours and more.

Fortunately, e-scooters from great online stores such as Gongloo are equipped with LED lights. Thus whenever the e-scooter is charging, the light would shine to indicate charging, and when the e-scooter gets fully charged, the light becomes green. 

If your e-scooter’s battery and the charger are heating up during charging, do not worry, as this is a pretty common occurrence, and it does not suggest any danger.

Although charging your electric e-scooter is a pretty easy and safe process, it can turn hazardous if you forget to turn off the e-scooter before charging it. That is because leaving your e-scooter on charge and keeping it turned on would create electric shocks in the circuit.

Steps to charge your e-scooter:

  1. Liftoff the rubber pad and have access to the charging port.
  2. Plug the power adapter into the vehicle’s charging port 
  3. Once you see the LED light has turned green, immediately unplug the charger and put the rubber flap back on the charging port.

Make sure to go for a complete charge 

It is highly suggested that you get your e-scooter wholly charged before using it. Thus no less than 100%  of battery life is recommended. As mentioned before, more sophisticated e-scooters come with LEDs that let them know when it is the appropriate time to charge their e-scooters. 

Usually, when the LED light turns crimson or red, it means you ought to immediately get it charged or else it would stop working in the middle of a ride. When the LED light trunks blue or green, it implies that the battery is finally charged, and now you can take your e-scooter out without a care in the world.  

In addition to the e-scooters equipped with LED, revealing the lowest and the highest battery life, some e-scooters also come with LED lights that display the battery life. When you put these e-scooters for charging, their light usually blinks.

When should you charge an electric e-scooter

Perhaps, understanding how to charge an electric e-scooter is slightly intuitive. However, it will benefit you if you want your e-scooter to last long. To further extend your vehicle’s life, here is a ground-rule. 

  • Never charge the e-scooter immediately after a ride

For an e-scooter rider, it is undoubtedly tempting to put their e-scooter on charge immediately after the ride. That is because most regular riders fear that they would forget to charge their e-scooters at all.

Unfortunately, this practice can wreak havoc on e-scooters. The reason behind this is that e-scooters heat up during the ride. If you put the already hot e-scooter to charge, it would get even hotter, rendering its cells damaged.


Charging your electric e-scooter is not as simple as one might expect. Thus if you truly want your e-scooter to accompany you for a long time, make sure to buy an e-scooter with excellent battery life. Fortunately, we at Gongloo have the strongest e-scooters with the best battery life, so visit our site and make a purchase worth your money.

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